Patrizia Salvini.

My name is Pat

My name is Pat, I was born in 1958, I am a non-professing biologist, in love with this land even though I am from Lombardy.
For many years I worked abroad, but as beautiful as Italy …

I decided to choose Apulia as my last and, I hope, long stop for several reasons.

  • Nature here expresses itself at its most imaginative; the sea that can be reached, within a few kilometers, from any part of Apulia, is the most varied and fascinating imaginable, from white beaches with turquoise waters suitable for even the youngest children, to sheer cliffs overlooking the blue sea, passing through all the other varieties.
  • The caves carved by the waves, the miles of walks with the sea on one side and the dunes with Mediterranean vegetation on the other.
    Nature parks, the flight of pink flamingos, the expanses of olive trees with their trunks that look like sculptures.
    The cities of art, medieval villages, cheerful tourist areas.

  • Do we want to talk about how to eat in Puglia?
    From fresh fish to grilled meat, from orecchiette to burrata, fruits and vegetables that are truly 0 km, desserts that you would never stop eating, breakfasts with Salento coffee and pasticciotti or fruttoni or chocolate brioche that you have to be careful about eating, so stuffed are they.
    Shall we talk about the extra virgin olive oil and Primitivo wine and masseria cheeses to take home to friends?

  • And then let’s face it, Apulians are nice, cheerful and very helpful, easy to become friends and put on, thus, a few extra kilos, since their homes and, above all, their tables, are open to everyone.
    In short, in Apulia it is really good, the climate is great, and those who come here on vacation stay with the desire to return.

  • I moved there in 2019 and bought the houses in 2020, and for the summer period I move to Ibiscus Home, my large studio apartment next to Palms and Oasis Home, where you will always find me, to welcome you and greet you when you leave and for any of your needs while on vacation.

  • Do not think of an intrusive owner, I love my privacy and will be extremely respectful of yours. But I think it is convenient to have someone on site who knows the houses, who also gets by with minor maintenance, and, most importantly, available to solve any problems.