A fantastic region

Things to do in Puglia

Puglia is a fantastic region because it practically satisfies all the needs of any tourist.

Just think of the hundreds of km of cycle paths that cross the most beautiful natural areas, the campsites, holiday homes, hotels, farms in the countryside, agritourisms, the Messapian finds in museums and archaeological areas, the historic cities with churches , palaces and squares of incredible beauty, to the medieval villages where you can feel the history, to the delicatessens, to the good taverns on the sea and to the starred restaurants.

But what I found really special about this region is that you can organize a day trip, starting from Pat’s houses in San Pietro in Bevagna and, a few tens of kilometers away, you can spend half a day visiting a city history and in the afternoon you can relax on the nearby beaches.

Personally I find it wonderful to take a trip to the historic city of Gallipoli, stopping to admire the Greek fountain and the basilica of Sant’Agata and the Angioino castle and wandering among the beautiful shops in the center, eating fresh fish chosen from the counter of the fish shop/ restaurants, at the entrance to the fortress, ending with coffee and pasticciotto at the famous Martinucci pastry shop, and then relaxing in the sun, taking a swim and admiring the sunset from one of the beaches of Gallipoli, such as the Purità beach, between the ancient walls of the fortress or, immediately to the South, the beach of Baia Verde or Punta della Suina.

  • Or a trip to admire the splendid Baroque style of Lecce, to then return to nature by visiting the nearby Le Cesine nature reserve or the modern Soleluna beach of San Cataldo, and take a leap into history, nearby, at the Adriano pier of the II-I century BC

  • And the truly unique thing is that driving from one place to another on the trip, one cannot help but admire the spectacle of what surrounds us, such as when, going from Santa Maria di Leuca towards the north, on the Adriatic side, one passes Ciolo, a bridge overhanging an underlying bay of rare beauty.

  • You can also practice some sports, from typically marine ones such as snorkelling, diving, SUP, kite, surfing, windsurfing, boat trips to hidden coves or fishing trips. Or you can go bird watching or motorized paragliding, or a nice horse ride. Or take your dog for a nice walk at sunset (Casa Vela Bianca is the home to host your four-legged friends).

Pat a tavola davanti alla spiaggia.

Things to admire and enjoy

Things to admire and enjoy

In short, there are so many things to admire and enjoy in this area that you will surely have to stay longer or, at the very least, plan a second holiday here.

In the meantime, thinking of pleasing the guests of Pat’s houses, I have prepared a virtual guide to the most beautiful places to visit, with general information, photographs and practical advice.